Price: $500

State: Washington
City: East Selah
Zip code: 98901
Type: Animals

They are extremely tame very easy to handle will step up to anyone.They used to being around small children and used to a busy household. Me and the wife hand-rear all our baby macaws in small clutches so that each one gets lots of human attention at a very early age to ensure that all the parrots are completely tame and easy to handle and DO NOT BITE so they can have a wonderful life with with the people around them. I am happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have prior to purchasing regarding these birds,cages, housing, diet, vet details or any other concern you may have i will be happy to help. You will not find tamer and sociable Macaws than these anywhere us now by text to get more info at (612) 460- or email me at: davidhuks @ gmail .com