Price: $150

State: Washington
City: East Selah
Zip code: 98901
Type: Animals

There are four of these gorgeous and adorable little fellows up for sale! We specialize in the blue variety of the Black Masked Lovebird. We raise dilutes, regular blues, cobalts and slates. These babies are homozygous dilute blues, meaning both parents are dilute cobalts. This color is similar to the dilute blue but much deeper as with the actual cobalt birds.
These babies were hatched starting on 02/10/13 and have been weaned for awhile. They are parent raised but hand tamed and somewhat trained. Each of these babies has been given attention and love.
We are a closed Aviary and all of our birds are extremely healthy. We feed a mixed seed diet suplimented with whole wheat bread, steamed brown rice and mixed vegetables each morning. All babies come with a 30 day guarantee.
With my birds, you are paying for quality!